Love and Friendship 1

What do I look for in a good friend? How many of those qualities do I possess myself?

I remember at some point during my first weekend at BYU, I was talking to Kimber and Rene about families, high school, etc. (you know, normal getting-to-know-you topics). When I mentioned that I had four younger brothers, Kimber told me that her roommate, Clara, had four younger brothers as well (and some were even gingers). We were quickly introduced and became fast friends. Look at how cute we were!100_3235

We were brought together because of our similarities, but we really became friends because she knew how to be a loving person. She opened up space in her heart for not just me, but for everyone. Plus, she was witty and smart and just quirky enough to help me get out of my shell.

I don’t know why I singled Clara out this time around. Probably because I am missing her and her family a little more today (why is Arkansas so far away?). The same things are true about so many of my friends. I have been blessed to have lots of good ones and to keep making great new ones. Here’s a list of why they’re so awesome:

  1. They make me laugh.
  2. They are honest (even if it is a little brutal sometimes).
  3. They aren’t afraid to rock out to their “jams.”
  4. They love, which means they trust and listen to, me.
  5. They are patient and forgiving and understanding and spontaneous.
  6. They get me to try new things.
  7. They are so talented, and they bless others through those talents.
  8. They let me help them.
  9. They make brownies for me or with me, just for fun.
  10. They are the lights in my life.

Now, as to how many of these qualities I possess, I’ll just keep this list here as a reminder of the things that I could work on. Then, maybe, I can be the kind of friend my friends deserve.


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