This is going to be kind of a short post because, well, it’s been kind of a short week. We’re off to San Sebastian, San Juan de la Luz, Burgos, Santo Domingo de los Silos y Yecla. Whoo, that’s kind of a mouth full. To keep it short, we’re going to be spending some time in Basque Country! Now, we going to get to know a whole other culture as well as the other coast of Spain. Yippee!!

But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are some of the blessings from the week so far:

  1. Only two days of class this week!!!!
  2. We went to a Catholic mass yesterday and I was reminded again about the grand importance of prayer and the Holy Ghost (as well as the sacrament).
    1. Side note: We to the Magistral Cathedral (one of two in the whole world) which just means that all of the priests have doctorate degrees. Interesting.
  3. We just happened to go to mass on the day that the Colorado State University choir was performing so we stayed for that. It was absolutely incredible. They sang some really pretty Latin songs, some English, and then ended with some rousing Gospel music. Hallelujah! We talked with some of them after the performance, and they were so grateful to be able to talk to people in English.
  4. Sunday was Stake Conference, so we got to go to the stake center which is right next to the temple! We’re hoping to go inside sometime later this month.
  5. It wasn’t just any stake conference, but the stake conference when there were visiting general authorities. Elder Kearon from the Seventy and his wife spoke (he’s the one with the incredible British accent that gave that amazing talk about the refugees) about setting goals and being grateful for the things which we have been given.
  6. Elder Bednar presided over a devotional for young men, young women, and young single adults. It was mainly a question and answer session which was so cool. He talked about the family, about personal revelation, about faith, about the Atonement, about keeping covenants, about the sacrament, everything. You could really feel the Spirit and the inspired questions and answers that were given. One of the questions was about the paralyzing effects of fear and doubt. Fear and doubt are the opposite of faith which is a principle of action and of power. Elder Bednar used the example of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River (found in Joshua 3). The priests carrying the ark of the covenant entered the river first without having the surety of dry land. But as the people kept moving forward, the Lord’s promises became sure and the river was parted. They might have questioned, “Will this really work?” But as they kept moving forward, they showed their faith and they were blessed. A question is not a doubt unless you let it keep you from progressing.

Well, that’s my sermon for the week. Basically, it was just the hugest blessing to have had time to spend with an Apostle and with the Lord. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true!!!!

Hasta el sábado!


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