Well, we have had two days of nonstop rain, but today ended on a bright note with a rainbow. The earth is so clean right now:)

Yesterday, we went to church which was awesome! The ward is pretty large and very welcoming. There was this adorable little boy with the fluffiest curly hair and the biggest brown eyes who kept toddling up and down our aisle. He was amazed by all the strange faces, but I kept smiling at him and he would run away and then look back to see if I was watching (SO CUTE!). We met him and his dad later– his name is Aaron– and that was a lot of fun. We went to the Sunday School class for the JAS (young single adults) which was super exciting. I always wanted to go to that class when I was on my mission but I wasn’t really able to because we went to or taught Gospel Principles. It was really cool since we like quadrupled their numbers and we talked about King Benjamin’s speech which was incredible (talking about grace and how to live a Christlike life). Relief Society was cool too and afterwards, we stayed to sing in the choir. It is a pretty big one and we’ll be singing “As Sisters in Zion” in a couple of Sundays. That was really cool.

Something else that was interesting about church was how many missionaries were there. There is only one ward in Alcalá so it is a pretty big area to cover. There were two sets of elders, a set of sisters, and two married couples. It was pretty remarkable.

Due to the rain, we spent most of the time inside. I was able to talk to my mom for Mother’s Day and to Josh!!! He’s doing great (today is his 5 month mark, crazy!). He loves the people he’s been serving and he has been adapting fairly well to the German life. GO EUROPE!

Today we had class and learned about a folk song from 1245 that was “based on real events” and about Hannibal. It was inspiring, let me tell you. Also, Cervantes’ house was finally less crowded (probably because it’s closed on Mondays) and we were able to take pictures with the charming statue of Don Quixote and Sancho (see above). All in all, it’s been a pretty good couple of days. Wet but happy!

Dulces sueños!


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