Welcome to Life, etc., the 2017 version of Katie’s website. This was first a travel blog but that’s not so useful now, since I’m not traveling. So, it has become the “thoughts Katie wants to make public” blog. There will be pictures and movie references and snarky comments. Oh, and there will also be some intellectual and spiritual posts as well. The themes will change, but as I say in my “About” page, we are changeable beings. Who wants to be stuck writing and reading the same kinds of things all the time? Anyway, this year’s blog is going to be my platform for participating in FamilySearch’s “52 Stories Project.” See the link below for more information. However, I am sure that other things might make their way on here throughout the year. Who knows? Maybe this will inspire you to write some stories too. If so, please share. I would love to read them. Enjoy!

52 Stories